Join our Zoom meeting with educator Stephanie Curcio

Meeting Date and Time: Tuesday, August 10 (2021) 4 PM Central

Please email maryradspinner @ and ask for the Zoom details.

4 pm Central
3 pm Mountain (please verify)
2 pm Pacific
5 pm Eastern
11 am Hawaii (please verify)
10 pm London
9 am New Zealand (next day)

Topics covered will include:

1. Is the ability to teach a natural outgrowth of being able to play?
2. How important is position at the harp and the technique of playing?
3. How do you teach note reading?
4. How do you teach rhythm concepts- especially dotted rhythms?
5. Tips for ensemble playing
6. How to overcome performance jitters

Stephanie Curcio has a long, well-established reputation in the world of harp. Born, bred and trained in New York City, she attended the High School of Music & Art (currently the Lincoln Center School For The Arts) where she was introduced to the harp. Within months she began lessons with Lucille Lawrence and later coached with Carlos Salzedo both privately and at the Camden Harp Colony. After having obtained multiple degrees in music (harp and piano) and in psychology (human learning), she went on to build a long, illustrious career as a solo, ensemble, and orchestral harpist, a teacher, arranger, and composer. In 1969 she and her family moved to New Hampshire. She taught as adjunct faculty for many years at the University of New Hampshire, Phillips Exeter and Phillips Andover Academies, and privately. Her students have attended the finest conservatories such as Juilliard, Curtis, New England Conservatory, Berklee, and more, won major competitions, and currently perform and teach across the United States. Her arrangements and compositions are recognized and performed Internationally. Stephanie Curcio’s Website:

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